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CVIP Inspections in Wainwright

CVIP or Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program is an initiative by the Canadian government that is intended to ensure all fleet vehicles are properly maintained and safe. An annual CVIP inspection is mandatory for all heavy vehicles with a registered weight of 11,794 kg or higher while operating in Alberta, and for vehicles weighing 4,500 kg while operating extra-provincially. Northern Trailer & Truck is a licensed facility that conducts CVIP inspections in Wainwright.

More about CVIP Inspections

During the inspection, a certified inspector conducts a thorough examination of the vehicle and checks all lights, steering and the defroster. He also looks at the brakes, tires and exhaust systems. Any vehicle that passes the test receives a certificate. In the freight business, time off the road proves expensive and without a CVIP inspection certificate, your vehicle may be removed from the road. Even if your vehicle meets USDOT safety standards, you will still require a CVIP certificate if you travel to or through Canada. Hence, an annual CVIP inspection will not only save you time but also money.


Managing a fleet requires a lot of work and the team at Northern Trailer & Truck acknowledges that. There is various online software like Fullbay where a CVIP inspection can be done electronically. Furthermore, these software tracks all the truck’s service records, keeping all the necessary information handy and available, whenever required.


Call us today to schedule a CVIP inspection for your truck.

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